We asked company founder, Nick Coulson, to give us an insight into what inspired him to start The Tribal Way & Camp Xplode…

I LOVE being outside! Outdoor activities and pursuits, travelling, exploring everything around me which the world has to offer. It doesn’t matter where in particular outside – although there are many spots I return to frequently (think Yorkshire Dales!) – but just being outdoors, in wide open spaces, breathing in the fresh air, and I’m a happy man.

Thinking back, I’ve always had this passion although as a youngster I certainly didn’t recognise it as I do today. Perhaps it wasn’t as strong as it could be; or, during my youth, I wasn’t able to nurture it in quite the same way.

I was what some might call ‘awkward’ as a youngster; nowhere near the confident fellow I have become. I did love sports and, in particular, anything which involved being in the water, always making a beeline toward ocean-based or pool activities. It’s where I felt most content and I quickly became a strong swimmer; I’m not too bad on a surfboard, either!

It was during a trip to a French holiday camp as a teenager, I realised there was this thing called ‘adventure’.

“I realised there was this thing called ‘adventure…'”

Travelling alone, I found myself way outside my comfort zone and had to make new friends quickly. In the company of like-minded people, I realised my passion helped me to express myself. Later, during my university studies, I was able to build on this and spent any spare time I had on treks or camping expeditions, partaking in sporting challenges and jaunts overseas.

I started pushing myself more and more in terms of places I would go to and pursuits I would take up, never choosing any which appeared easy. Anything with an edge to it!

I’ve done many things since which some people would struggle to achieve just one of. The Great North Swim, several times over. Cycling across Wales from north to south; and from London to Paris within 24 hours.

I regularly go bush hiking for miles on end and finish each day sleeping under the stars.

Some of my travels might sound fanciful – like my time on a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco, or hanging out in Goa, India.

But it’s not always as simple as it sounds, with overseas travelling taxing on body and mind.

Yet it’s still something I constantly work toward and feel at my happiest when finishing my latest challenge.

My passion has had a positive influence on my business. One of the key objectives for The Tribal Way and Camp Xplode is to have children appreciate nature and embrace the world around them.

” Everything we do is centred around an outdoor activity, whether that’s playing sports and games or den building and campfire skills.”

My team and I encourage campers to step out of their comfort zone and try something new – just as I was encouraged at that camp in France many years ago. Seeing the children step up, have a go and then succeed keeps me fulfilled.

Find out more about Nick and the team at thetribalway.co.uk